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Best Financial Moves - 15-Year Mortgages
Consider the 15-year mortgage instead of the more common 30-year mortgage. . What sounds better to you: save 28 cents or save 72 cents? The real issue is .


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The 15 vs. 30 Year Mortgage Loan Debate: Why 30 Is Better « Len ...
Mar 21, 2011 . According to Freddie Mac's most recent survey, there is currently a spread of 0.79 percent between the 15- and 30-year fixed rate mortgage .

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Why a 30-year mortgage beats a 15-year- MSN Money
Jun 29, 2012 . When it comes to the great mortgage debate, I've already explained my position regarding 15- and 30-year loans: The 30-year loan is better for .

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Five Reasons the 30 Year Mortgage Beats the 15
May 26, 2011 . I'm one of the rare examples of personal finance bloggers who see the 30 year mortgage as the better option than the 15 year loan for most .


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Why We Chose a 30-Year Mortgage
Mar 19, 2009 . Kris and I took out the 30-year mortgage because we wanted a safety net. . Clearly, a 15-year mortgage is a better option — if you can afford to .


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How to Decide between a 30-Year and 15-Year Mortgage | Quizzle ...
Sep 30, 2011 . Generally, the 15-year interest rate is lower than the 30-year interest rate. . Whether a 15-year or 30-year mortgage is a better option for you .


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Is a 15-Year Mortgage Loan Better Than a 30-Year? - Budgeting ...
Is a 15-Year Mortgage Loan Better Than a 30-Year? If you're thinking of buying your first home, in addition to worrying about having enough room to stash your .


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15-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgage - Comparison, Pros & Cons
May 2, 2012 . choose between a 15-year and a 30-year mortgage . a larger monthly mortgage debt, allowing you to better manage financial mishaps.


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15-year mortgage or 30-year mortgage?
Should you get a 15-year or 30-year mortgage? Our interactive adviser will help you decide.


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When a 30-year loan is better than 15 - Fox 2 News Headlines
When a 30-year loan is better than 15. Updated: July 13, 2012 10:34 AM EDT. The big problem with a 15-year mortgage is that it leaves you with less financial .

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30 Yr Versus 15 Yr Mortgage
15-year versus 30-year Mortgages . The interest rate is higher on 30-year mortgages than on 15-year mortgages. . This makes the 15-year the better choice.

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15 or 30 year mortgage | Punch Debt In The Face
Dec 12, 2011 . Did you know thirty is greater than fifteen? Oh you did? Well, then why do so many people proclaim a 15 year mortgage is better than a 30 year .

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More Borrowers Refinance Into 15-Year Mortgages -
Jul 22, 2012 . With interest rates on the 15-year mortgage at record lows, and the difference between the 15-year and the 30-year mortgage unusually wide . that tells them it's better to own a home free and clear before retirement, says Len .


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Fixed Rate Mortgages from Bank of America
Learn about 15 year fixed rate and 30 year fixed rate mortgages from Bank of . for a monthly mortgage payment, a 30 year fixed rate mortgage might be a better .


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A 30-Year Mortgage Usually Trumps a 15-Year Mortgage
The close cousin to the 30-year fixed is a 15-year fixed rate mortgage. Your payments are higher, but you are paying more principle back with .


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Mortgage comparison | Home Mortgage | U.S. Bank
Let us help you decide whether a 15 year mortgage or a 30 year mortgage is right . two mortgage terms, and let us help you decide which term is better for you.


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Is A 30 Or 15 Year Loan Better For Me? | California Real Estate ...
With the smaller monthly payment, on the 30-year mortgage, your rental property will have better cash flow than with a 15-year mortgage. In the example above .


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How to Compare a 15-Year Mortgage With a 30-Year - Budgeting ...
This makes your 30-year mortgage mirror the 15-year mortgage. . Sometimes a mortgage with a higher bottom line actually suits your situation better. Although .


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Is 30 Year Mortgage Better Than 15 Year Mortgage | Fair Loan Rate!
When you want to buy something and you are out of the required money, you have two options. Either quit from getting that particular thing or have it but on .


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Which is better: 15-year or 30-year loan term? - Mortgage Calculator
Which is better: 15-year or 30-year loan term? myFICO is the consumer division of FICO. Since its introduction 20 years ago, the FICO® Score has become a .


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30 vs 15 Year Mortgage - Which is Smarter For You?
Jun 30, 2010 . 30 vs. 15-Year Mortgage. Which Is Best for First-Time Homebuyers? . If the 30- year is better in the short term, which is better in the long term?

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Alternative to a 15-Year Mortgage: Prepay on a 30 -
. rate on a 15-year mortgage offers a pretty significant savings over the 30-year loan. . Either mortgage currently offers better returns than you can find with safe .

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15 year mortgage better 30 year one less costly other
Dec 29, 2011 . Is a 15 year mortgage "better" than a 30 year? Is one less costly than the other?


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Should a 70-year-old refinance into a 15-year mortgage? - The Help ...
Jul 13, 2012 . In addition to a 15-year mortgage, Gumbinger also suggests taking a look at a 20 -year . One final thought: An argument could be made for taking a new 30-year mortgage, says Gumbinger. . College grads, better start saving .


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Comparing the 15-year and 30-year Mortgage - Mint
Sep 23, 2011 . Many homeowners with a 30-year mortgage don't realize how much they are paying in interest. This is the problem. . The best-known among these is the 15- year term. . And the acceleration is much better as well. After five .


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30 Years or 15? - Ask the Mortgage Professor: Mortgage Center ...
Q: We can afford the payment with a 15-year mortgage, but the 30-year will give . Of course, they would have been better off taking the 15-year at the outset and .


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Fixed Rate Mortgage - Understanding the Basics with Pros and Cons
Get the basics of fixed rate mortgage and understand what are the advantages and . Fixed-rate loan borrowers face one major choice: 15 year or 30? . If it's less than five years, you may be better off with an adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM.


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30-Year Fixed Mortgage Loan Or An Adjustable Rate Mortgage ...
May 2, 2012 . WHY 30 YEAR FIXED MORTGAGE LOANS ARE A WASTE OF MONEY . 30- year mortgage is better than a 15-year mortgage is substantiated .

Here's what to think about:


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15 Year vs. 30 Year Mortgage
Jan 22, 2011 . Comparing 15 & 30 year mortgage terms. Which is better, which costs less & has lower interest rates, and which terms offer more financial .


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15 years vs. 30 years Mortgage Comparison Calculator from ...
Use this 15 years vs. 30 years mortgage comparison calculator to compare these two mortgage terms, and let us help you decide which term is better for you.


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Comparing a 30 year mortgage to a 15 year mortgage
Mar 18, 2010 . It might be better to pay off your mortgage if you can actually afford it but if you are . Tagged as: 15 year mortgage, 30 year mortgage, mortgage .


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15 vs 30 Year Mortgage: A Risky Dilemma | YNAB
Apr 18, 2005 . Does that mean the 30 year mortgage is about $30,000 (555,024-524,017) better ? Nope. You'll need to take the interest cost out of the 15 year .


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Should You Switch to a 15-Year Mortgage? | Moneyland |
Sep 21, 2011 . As 30-year fixed mortgage rates have hit historical lows, there's . Last week's 15- year rate was at 3.30 percent, down from 3.33 percent the week before. . mortgage paydown, and consider whether you can get a better yield .


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Mortgage Comparison Calculator | Third Federal Savings & Loan
Mortgage Comparison: 15 Years vs. 30 Years. Determining which mortgage term . two mortgage terms, and let us help you decide which term is better for you.,page,10,topic_id,content_pages


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Mortgage Term: 30 Years or 15? - Mortgage Professor
For those who can afford the higher payment, the 15-year mortgage builds equity . who take a 30 and make extra payments, would have done better with a 15.


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20-Year vs. 15-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgage - Budgeting Money
Since 15-year mortgages have a relatively short term, the lender takes on less risk and passes that along . Is a 15-Year Mortgage Loan Better Than a 30-Year?


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Mortgage Refi Dilemma: 15 or 30 years? | Financial Security Project ...
Mar 29, 2012 . Mortgage Refi Dilemma: 15 or 30 years? . with my individual financial weaknesses and figuring out whether 15 or 30 years is a better fit.



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Is a 15-Year Mortgage Better Than a 30-Year Mortgage for Tax - eHow
Is a 15-Year Mortgage Better Than a 30-Year Mortgage for Tax Deductions?. Mortgages loans typically run in either 15-year or 30-year terms, where borrowers .


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Another Way to See the 15-Year Mortgage | Real Estate | Mortgages ...
NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Although the 15-year mortgage is invariably cheaper than the 30-year variety, it often gets little respect because of its larger monthly .


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20-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgages | The Truth About
Feb 8, 2012 . Also ask yourself why you want to pay the mortgage off early. There may be a better place for your money. Read more: 30-year fixed vs. 15-year .


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Mortgage comparison: 15 years vs. 30 years
Mortgage comparison: 15 years vs. 30 years. Determining which mortgage term is right for you can be a challenge. With a 15 year mortgage you will pay .

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Mortgage comparison: 15 years vs. 30 years Calculator - AnchorBank
Mortgage comparison: 15 years vs. 30 years Determining which mortgage term is right for you can be a challenge. With a 15 year mortgage you will pay .


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30 Year Fixed vs. 15 Year Fixed - The Truth About
May 17, 2011 . 30 Year Fixed vs. 15 Year Fixed. It's that time again, where we take a gander at two mortgage products to determine which may better suit .


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Are We Still Having The 15 vs. 30 Year Mortgage Debate ...
May 9, 2012 . Us Canucks don't typically have 30 year mortgages, 25 year loans are . Some people are ambitious and take 15 year mortgages, but a 20 year . rents would still be increasing so you'd be better off relative to renting a place.


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Should You Refinance to a 15 Year or 30 Year Mortgage?
Aug 26, 2012 . Two of the most popular loan options are the 15 year and 30 year . That is, you should better shop for the 30 year mortgages, with low interest .

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15- vs. 30-year mortages compared
Renting vs. Buying: Which is better? . 15 vs. 30-year mortgages. When you buy a home in the U.S. you get a mortgage loan that's paid back over 15 or 30 years.

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15Y vs. 30Y Mortgage – The Answer
Jul 17, 2012 . List the pros and cons of a 15-year and 30-year mortgage. . Some people will argue that a 30-year mortgage is better because an individual .

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Mortgage Comparison: 30-Year at 4.75% vs. 15-Year at 3.75% » My ...
Aug 15, 2011 . Alternatively, we have a 15-year fixed mortgage with lower interest . is 4% over the next 30yrs, the 30yr would have been the better choice.

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When is a 30 year mortgage better than a 15 year Houston ...
Aug 15, 2012 . Currently with historic low rates, many homeowners have refinanced into a 15- year mortgage for two strong reasons: 1) A much lower interest .

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